About Us


Nigeria agriculture sector accounts for 18 per cent of nigeria gross domestic product (GDP) and employs around 50 per cent of the country’s workforce. Size of nigeria agriculture industry is pegged at $160 Bn for 2015. Our agriculture is the backbone of our country ! Yet while every other business in the country is reaping the benefits of e-commerce, agriculture remains far behind.Agrobuss.com is all set to change this.

“It was in the winter of 2012 that I met my friend ojo tomiwa in a small village near Ife,osun state nigeria. His agriculture business has just gotten wiped out. He was trying to rebuild the business and was desperately seeking help in both distribution as well as procurement of seeds/saplings. Seeing his plight and the plight of many more like him, I was determined to help the farmers.“

says Mr oladapo. He then along with his cofounders, ojo adetomiwa and afe ayodeji started working on the idea of Agrobuss.  The ground work for setting up the company started in October of 2015.

Agrobuss.com is an agriculture market place that connects farmers, vendors, market agents, consultants, food processing units and institutions on a common platform. The organisation works with the objective of providing high quality platform to promote and market agriculture based industries and services. AgriBazaar intends on becoming the leading online marketplace for buying or selling agri-related equipment, livestock, dairy, chemicals, agro tech, seeds, fertilizer, horticulture, food processing units etc.