The rapid increase in population and the demand forfood, feed, forage and raw materials for industries has initiated a large use of synthetic pesticides. Theuse of toxic pesticides has resulted to harmful effects through bioaccumulation and biomagnifications of heavy metals on the crops, animals and the environment. Though these pesticides are providing hopeful results in eradication of pests and diseases, they are also killing useful organisms present in the environment. The application of chemical pesticides kills both useful and harmful organisms indiscriminately, resulting in the malfunctioning of food chain and food web, due to negative impact on environment like, increase in toxin residue in food and animal feed, health problems in human beings, aquatic pollution, imbalance of ecological equilibrium, and resurgence of new pests and pathogens. This has made it essential to introduce measures which can reduce the environmental challenges and improve sustainable agriculture. Therefore, the use of biopesticides to control pest represents one methodto generate higher quality, eco-friendly, greater quantity of agricultural products and do not leave any harmful effect on environment.

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