FG To Build 370 Dams Across the Federation – Ogbeh

OGBEH-300x201The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogheh has said that federal government is set to commence the construction of 10 dams per state across the federation, including the FCT.

The Minister stated this yesterday in his goodwill message at the public presentation of the water sector road map in Abuja.

According to Chief Ogbeh “the Ministry of Agriculture are in collaboration with the Ministry of Water Resources to see that there is adequate water supply to go round for both those in the urban and rural areas”.

He said, “Even the ministry of water resources do not need themselves as much as they (Ministry of Agriculture). The federal government has decided to build damps all over 36 states calling it the ‘project 10/37’ come next year ,where 10 damps each would be built for every state including the FCT.”

“It is unfortunate that if there is another world war it’s cause would be either lack of food or lack of water,” he added.

Furthermore, he pointed out that “agriculture, our newest means of diversification, is in desperate need of water, due to the fact that our dependence on rainfall is no longer enough to sustain our farming activities. Drawing our attention to the fact that every living thing and even the land on which we stand is in dare need of water supply for proper irrigation.”

He stated that, “We will be looking for a better tomorrow where in the absence of rain, our food crops will not suffer, but flourish.

Poor food nutrition might be our fate if we non-chalantly ignore this new call”

The constitution he said “permits every citizen the right to buy a plot or plots of land in any part of the world  and at the very least try and plant a tree and on all Nigerians, governmental bodies, non-governmental bodies, to join hands to ensure that whenever they come across water they reserve and also join hand in the new era of agriculture for a better tomorrow”.

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