This project was designed by studying the effect of yellow bush leaves and ixora leaves to determine the heavy metals uptake of egg plants in an oil polluted soil. The research took place at Faculty of Agricultural science of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho. The experiment was laid out in DMRT (Duncan Multiple Range Test) consisting of three treatment and three replicates ,treatment one representing yellow bush leaves chopped and mixed with polluted soil, and treatment 2 representing ixora leaves chopped and mixed with polluted soil and treatment three representing unpolluted soil.
A nursery bed was made on the project site which consisted of loam soil and garden eggplant seed was gotten from NIHORT Oyo state. The soil for the experiment was collected from an oil spilled area in the Delta state of Nigeria in the local government (BURUTU). The loamy soil was collected and sieved and nine (9) pots were worked on. Each pot was filled with 5kg of soil.200g of yellow bush and ixora plant were chopped and mixed with the soil for the purpose of decomposing with the oil spilled soil. Data collected were subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) and the least significant difference was used to separate the means, using (DMRT Duncan Multiple Range Test)
The performance of garden eggplant which after 2 weeks was transplanted into an oil polluted soil treated with chopped ixora leaves, oil polluted soil treated with yellow bush leaves and the control, which is an unpolluted soil, which are exposed to the same environmental condition. After taking readings from 7 consecutive weeks, it was clearly shown that yellow bush leaves ameliorated oil polluted soil performed better all through the parameters taken.
Due to the experiment and observation of this research, I have come to know and say that yellow bush treatment is better than ixora treatment in controlling uptake of cadmium by plant and also in that of lead and zinc by plant. And also the use of garden eggplant as the testing crop was a best choice on acquiring the amount of heavy metals (cadmium, zinc lead) in the polluted soil collected from delta state, burutu local government.
Based on the superior performance of yellow bush on the trait studied the treatment recommended for quality yield is yellow bush, due to its high performances in reducing the metal uptake of heavy metal by the egg plant (solanummelongena) these will help out in boosting farm yield quantity and quality.n from delta state, burutu local government.


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  1. This is very insightful agrobuss,i believe this is a very sensitive research topic that can aid the restoration of lands lost to crude oil exploration in nigeria. #change


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